WRX Imprezive: Subaru’s Turbo Legend

Author: Gavin Farmer | Pages: 126 | Dimensions: 21 x 29cm | ISBN: 187-69530-9-8

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Product Description

One of the most well–known compact sports sedans in the world is the Subaru WRX. From its rather hesitant start in 1992 the WRX has stormed the markets of the world.

In 1992 Subaru was really pushing the boundaries with their Impreza WRX. Cars from Japan were innocuous in their styling and specification. However, a small dedicated group of mostly young engineers at Subaru convinced management that a sporting version of the Impreza sedan was worthwhile.

The book details the design and development processes that Subaru went through to bring the WRX to market and how, over the next eight years, they gradually evolved the first generation into a mature and very desirable high performance sedan.

For enthusiasts of the Subaru WRX, especially in Australia.