Aerodynamic Tatras


Authors: Miroslav Gomola, Gavin Farmer, Jan Tulis;  ISBN 80-85991-16-0;  128 pages;  English language;  published in 2000;  this book is number 33 of a limited edition

Product Description

The full title of this book is “Aerodynamic Cars from Koprivnice” and is one of the very few books about Tatra cars to have been published in English.

Tatra cars and trucks were built in a factory located in the north-eastern part of what is today the Czech Republic; the town’s original name was Nesselsdorf which literally translated to the village of nettles.  The company is famous for its innovative engineering and early adoption of aerodynamic theories as espoused by Jaray in the 1930s.  Tatra displayed its Typ 77 in 1934, this being a large V8-engined saloon with the engine hanging out the back so its handling traits were bound to grab the driver’s attention at a moment’s notice.  Famously, the later Typ 87 was a favourite of Hitler’s generals during the war.

The 87 was continued after the end of the war and replaced in 1954 by the Tatra T600 which was again a saloon whose design was influenced by aerodynamic theories and then we had the Tatraplan or T600, a fedw of which came to Australia.

This book is still wrapped in its plastic sleeve and in a box, needless to say it is in pristine condition.  A true collector’s item.