Chrysler Brochure Book


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Product Description

This is a companion book to the Valiant Brochure book.  It embraces all the “other” makes and models associated with Chrysler Australia during the post-war period.

Included in this book are scans of the various Dodge-DeSoto-Plymouth leaflets and brochures from the “humpy-back” models produced after the war through the models leading up to the release of the Chrysler Royal, the US Dodge-DeSoto-Plymouth models from 1958 and 1959 before segueing into the decade of the Dodge Phoenix, the Simca Aronde and Vedette, Centura, the Rootes Group cars as well as the early Mitsubishi Galants and Sigmas plus there is a small section on the Dodge trucks from the era.

The Chrysler Brochure Book follows the established ILINGA Books’ format in being A4 landscape in size, is printed on glossy 128gsm art paper and is beautifully bond.

It is a quality book that deserves a place in any motoring historians library.