Audi A8


Author: Jurgen Lewandowski;  ISBN 3-7688-0851-3; 160 pages

The book is in pristine condition; German/English language

Product Description

Back in 1994 Audi surprised the automobile world when it released its flagship automobile, the A8.  Why?  Because the entire body structure was manufactured from aluminium!  No mass produced car had ever had its body manufactured entirely from this light-weight recyclable material.  Tradition said steel but the Audi engineers defied the trend.

Not only did the A8 have a beautifully crafted body but its technical specifications also broke the mould for a luxury automobile.  Power came from an alloy V8 DOHC engine of 4.2-litres and all four wheels transmitted that power to the road.

Inside was a luxury interior worthy of its status as one of Europe’s most luxurious limousines.  And it had performance to match its Mercedes-Benz and BMW rivals.