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Alfa Romeo S.Z.


95 pages; ISBN 88-7911-014-4; Author Roberto Piatti

Product Description

The SZ could well be described as Alfa Romeo’s ugly duckling.  Born in the late 1980s it was truly quite a remarkable automobile that stunned viewers at the 1989 Geneva Salon.

Alfa Romeo had long been known for its beautiful coupes based on mainly sedan components; the SZ held true to that insofar as its mechanical components came from the Alfetta GTV parts bin–alloy V6 engine, torsion bar front suspension, De Dion rear suspension with the Alfetta’s famous transaxle mounted at the rear.  It might have given near perfect 50:50 weight balance but the gearshift was dreadful!

Made in limited numbers, it was a remarkable car back in 1989 and today it is extremely collectable.