L&K – Skoda 1895-1995


Authors Petr Kozisek and Jan Kralik;  ISBN 80-901749-2-2  Part I has 249 pages, Part II has 347 pages;  both books printed in English

Product Description

This is the history of what we know today as Skoda in two parts.  Part I deals with the history of Laurin & Klement, the fore runners to Skoda, and Part II is titled “The Flight of the Winged Arrow” which covers the Skoda years up until 1995.

Czechoslovakia has been the home of some of the world’s best engineers and these volumes tell their story.  Their products might not have been the prettiest but they were certainly rugged and able to withstand the harsh conditions of Central Europe in the years before and after the wars of the 20th Century.

For students of European motoring history these two books are a must for the library.