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The Saab-Scania Story


ISBN  91-7886-014-8;  168 Pages;  Published by Saab-Scania in 1987

Product Description

Saab and Scania have been two of Sweden’s major industrial companies, Saab famous for manufacturing cars and aeroplanes and Scania being one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers.

This book covers the history as well as the design and development of the cars, trucks and aeroplanes from the company up until the late 1980s.  Cars were a post-war business for Saab beginning with a little two-cylinder two-stroke in 1947 that progressed through the 93, 96 and 99 models until the 1984 release of the 9000, the biggest car Saab had ever made.  Sadly Saab became embroiled in the mess that was General Motors and no longer exists.

Where Scania trucks are concerned, they are world leaders in the heavy long distance market and today are a part of the mammoth VW Group.

The book is unmarked and pristine.